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CHG Competencies

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CHG Competencies

Our Core Competencies

Decision Making & Problem Solving

Ability to anticipate potential problems and choose the most appropriate business solutions to achieve business strategies and results.

Effective Communication & Team Work

Communicate clearly and concisely to create a positive communication channel within our work environment; which leads to creating an ongoing atmosphere of trust and transparency.

Initiation & Ownership to achieve business results

Having a sense of ownership & responsibility towards our business in addition to initiating solutions to improve business processes.

Patient/Customer care and safety

Maintaining a high standard for patients's safety, quality of service and satisfaction.

Creativity & Continous Improvement

Developing our business through innovation in systems, procedures and new ideas that fits the business environment. Encouraging the concept of continuous learning and development for oneself and others. Considering any new proposal as an opportunity for improving the business.

Business Discipline

Adhering to business values, ethics and processes and encouraging others to maintain the same direction.


Having a clear vision to improve business and use multiple resources to guide team members to achieve the vision. Motivation to self and others as well as proper delegation to achieve business results.

Cost Efficiency

Ensuring the accuracy of financial statements and budgets which are provided periodically and taking corrective actions when necessary while maintaining high quality of service.

Supporting Core business processes

Partnership between all team members to support the business within the same or different departments to achieve the group business results.