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Your Life at CHG


We believe in equal opportunities, and we are committed to achieving diversity across our group - it’s part of our culture and constitutes a big part of who we are.

Training & Development

CHG considers its people to be its most important asset and accordingly we offer the opportunity for learning and development that suits both business and individual needs .


Our employees performance is the key factor in determining their career opportunities within CHG, How we achieve is as important as what we achieve.


CHR offers a comprehensive benefits package for all team members. We strive to provide the best choice and value for our employees.
Our packages are competitive and relevant to the Egyptian market where we operate.

Career Progression

Our employees is the most critical component of our long-term success, so our employees career advancement is as important to the company as it is important to the employee and we make sure our employees are empowered and equipped to advanced in their career with CHG.


CHG creates a work environment where employees feel appreciated for their contribution to results. Our rewards system is planned to appreciate monthly and quarterly achievements and it is considered a motivational tool to retain and motivate our high performing employees.


CHG Considers that every employee is a key partner in success, therefore we have a clear policy for reporting any violation against our values & code of conduct.